Quicksteps to install:

make install

Software requirements:

- PostgreSQL (server and client libraries)
- GNOME >= 2.6

The program can be used from the commandline or GNOME.
Commandline usage is very limited, but provides the basic cataloging
and report creation capabilities.


There are still some quirks or 'maybe not so obvious' things in the GUI
which i'd like to clarify here. When cataloging a media, you first click
the 'Read media' button which reads the media into the memory and by
default selects all the files it finds. At this point nothing has yet been
written to the database, you just see the disk contents on the screen.

Next step is to click the 'Catalog media' button which actually writes
everything into the database. It only catalogs those files that are selected
on the screen, so you can deselect some files if for some reason you don't
want them to be in the catalog. If you have defined some file filters
earlier, those files are already ignored and not even showed on the
screen so you don't need to worry about them.